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    What role does boron nitride play in the boron nitride ceramics?

    Author: Shandong Fangyuan High-thermal Conductivity Special Ceramics Material Co., LTD. Date: 2021-08-24 Click:

    The application of boron nitride ceramics largely relies on the characteristics of boron nitride. So what exactly is boron nitride doing in there? Shandong Fangyuan High conductivity ceramic materials Co., Ltd. will answer for you! 


    Ceramics are products made from boron nitride as raw materials. It inherits the characteristics of such particular material and has the advantages of non-adhesion, corrosion resistance, good heat dissipation and heat-conducting property. With so many advantages, surely boron nitride ceramics have many uses.


    1. It can be made into packaging materials to prevent neutron radiation, such as structural materials for atomic reactors.

    2. Boron nitride ceramics are pressed into various shapes and used as high-temperature, high-pressure, insulating and heat-dissipating parts, such as aircraft and rocket engine nozzles.

    3. The processed superhard materials can be made into high-speed cutting tools and drill bits for geological exploration and oil drilling.


    4. High-temperature solid lubricants, such as various optical glass release agents, metal forming release agents and metal wire drawing lubricants, as well as separation rings for metallurgical continuous steel casting.

    5. Special electrolytic materials and resistance materials at high temperature, such as high-voltage, high-frequency electricity and plasma arc insulators, and various evaporation boats for aluminizing.


    As the boron nitride ceramics are not wetted by aluminum liquid, and can protect the surface of materials in direct contact with molten aluminum, magnesium, zinc alloys and their slags, the boron nitride ceramics can be used to produce the high-speed cutting tools and drills for geological exploration and petroleum drilling. In addition, the boron nitride ceramics have different shapes, so it can be used to produce high temperature, high pressure, insulation and heat dissipation components; or packaging materials to prevent neutron radiation;  and special electrolytic materials and resistance materials used in the high temperature environment. 

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