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    What are the advantages and uses of boron nitride ceramics?

    Author: Shandong Fangyuan High-thermal Conductivity Special Ceramics Material Co., LTD. Date: 2021-08-24 Click:

    Boron nitride ceramics are made from boron nitride as raw materials. As it inherits the characteristics of this particular material, boron nitride ceramic products have the advantages of non-adhesion, corrosion resistance, good heat dissipation and heat-conducting property. It has so many advantages, then what are the uses of boron nitride ceramics? 

    As the boron nitride ceramics are not wetted by aluminum liquid, and can protect the surface of materials in direct contact with molten aluminum, magnesium, zinc alloys and their slags, the boron nitride ceramics can be used to produce the high-speed cutting tools and drills for geological exploration and petroleum drilling. 

    In addition, the shape of boron nitride ceramics can be different, so it can also be made into high-temperature, insulating and heat-dissipating parts, as well as special electrolytic materials and resistance materials that can be used at high temperatures.

    It should be placed on high-temperature insulating materials, which need to meet the basic requirements of high melting point at high temperature, appropriate amount of high collapse resistance, and chemical compatibility. Boron nitride ceramics are exactly the same, it not only has a high melting point, but also has a considerable resistivity at high temperatures. In particular, the hexagonal sheet-like structure of boron nitride ceramics has the advantages of low high-temperature friction coefficient and similar thermal expansion coefficient to tungsten, and will become an ideal high-temperature insulating material.

    The above is an introduction to the advantages and uses of boron nitride ceramics, which can be used as a reference when purchasing. Its density is similar to that of diamond, and its heat resistance is better than that of diamond. It is a new type of high temperature resistant superhard material used to make drill bits and abrasive tools.

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